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Heating and A/C /

Our Residential
Electrical Services Inlcude
Security lights
Home theatre wiring & installation
Intercom wiring
Attic fan wiring
Ceiling fan wiring
Electrical & troubleshooting
Lighting design systems
Service upgrades
A/C unit wiring
Hot tubs & spa wiring
Deck lights & pool heaters

Our electrical services cover everything from residential to commerical, interior / exterior, new wiring, electrical maintenance and troubleshooting. No matter what your electrical needs are, we have the right solution, at the right price.

Key Benefits
Our foundation is built on over 40 years experience.
Throughout this rapidly changing industry we have built an outstanding reputation for quality, safety and integrity.

Wide range of professional electrical services.
No matter how complex the configuration, Bush Electric has a wide range of services to support any customeršs electrical or communication network.

We know the importance of listening.
It is critical in our way of gaining insight to fully understand your situation. This enables us to accurately convert your vision into reality.

Bush Electric has hundreds of high-quality heating and cooling products to make your home the best it can be. Best of all, when you customize your home with Bush Electric, you get the comfort of Lennox. As and independent Lennox dealer, Bush Electric meets and exceeds the HVAC industry's only Quality Dealer Standards -- high standards that assure you prompt, courteous and professional service.

Heating and A/C /

Utilizing the general contractor as the single source, this method eliminates the "middle man" image and allows the contractor to work directly with the client to ensure results. Time and money saved, higher quality work, and more control over the project...these are just a few of the advantages of Bush Electric's Design/Build System. Let Bush Electric work for you to provide the highest quality building you can afford.
Our Design/Build Method
1. Establish scope of services needed.
2. Activate consulting and design services.
3. Develop preliminary design.
4. Project budget costs.
5. Owner's review.
6. Design for costing.
7. Sequence construction activities.
8. Submit firm project proposal.
9. Owner's review.
10. Execute contract documents.
11. Commence working drawings and construction.
12. Owner occupies project.
13. Present owner's manual